New low-cost JETDi modification (please see JETDi datasheets) - JETDiB - is optimized in cost and characteristics. JETDiB provides similar technical characteristics as DC/DC converters of manufacturers as Traco, Aimtec, Mornsun, CUI, XPower, Recom, they are produced with nominal output power levels of 5, 6, 8, 10,15, 20 (DIP24 formfactor), 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 (1х1” formfactor), 15, 20, 30, 60 (2х1” formfactor) and 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 (¼ BRICK formfactor) W.
The units achieve high level of power densities in range 49-83 W/inch3 and unique wide operating temperature range up to -60 to +110 °С.
Price-list is shared with registered customers on request (please contact us via our contact form).

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New products in selection guide


New and improved power supply units have appeared in the list of our product range. To see the update product list, please go to our selection guide via following link:

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Customers inquiries-based development to increase standard AC/DC output power rating (while keeping the same dimensions) are successfully getting to the finish line.
We are glad to announce that we managed to significantly increase power density in small dimensions of JETA1200 (211x117x38 mm).
Now the new JETA1500 unit has 26 W/in3 in the dimensions of JETA1200.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiries. Orders are accepted.

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JETA-LP lowprofile units series has a new member - JETA2000-LP, having increased power of 2 kW in the same dimensions as JETA1500-LP (250x140x36 mm).
At the moment both older JETA1500-LP and younger JETA2000-LP are available to order.

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Testing of new power supplies based on JETA2000 prototype has been completed.
After optimization of circuit and design solutions, while keeping dimensions of 250x140x39 mm, maximal power was increased to 2500 W.
As a result, power density of new JETA2500 unit is 30 W/in3.
Both JETA2000 and its more powerful modification JETA2500 are now available to order.

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Complete modernization of the popular TESD series with an output power of 10 to 500 W, supplied to support serial consumer production, has been completed.
New opportunities to create additional special functions are made possible by the use of optoelectronic devices with high resistance to ionizing radiation. In addition, it helps eliminate known shortcomings, such as low reliability of implementing isolating transformers in feedback circuits. However, a standard transformer-based feedback design is not excluded.
TESD units are designed in traditional reinforced cases with flanges that allow operation in conditions of strong vibrations and mechanical shocks.
Optimal for use in aplications 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 11.

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The newest DC/DC converters TESND series are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and their parameters are comparable to the units parameters of such manufacturers as VPT, SinQor, Traco, Power-One, Aimtec, Mornsun, CUI, XPower, Interpoint, Recom, Gaia (incl. some models with opportunity of pin-to-pin replacement).
The units have high power density from 27 to 142 W/inch³ and they are designed for DC input typical for decentralized power supply systems with use of batteries 12, 24, 48 and 60 VDC (input voltage ranges: 10.2...15 VDC, 10.2...30 VDC, 20...30 VDC, 20...60 VDC, 20...40 VDC, 15...50 VDC or 36...75 VDC).
Units output power is from 10 up to 1 200 W in several case modifications (execution JETDi, JETDiR). The various temperature ranges are available (incl. extreme temperature range from -60 to +130 °С.
The units of the TESND series have a high efficiency of up to 92%, their design with mounting flanges increases vibration resistance and impact durability.
Identical circuitry and component solutions were used for all TESND, JETDi and JETDiR series, which provides our customers a unique opportunity to choose from 3 housing (cases) options. Case variants are follow

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JETA-LP, AC/DC power supplies in ultra-low profile cases


The newest JETA-LP series AC/DC power supplies is ready for ordering. This units are available with output power from 100 W to 2 500 W in ultralow-profile cases (18-36 mm, depending on power) and have high power density.
You can learn about the key advantages of low-profile AC/DC power supplies and the benefits they bring You in our essay About planarity.

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Let us introduce the new products JETNA-HF:
Three-phase input AC/DC power supplies with input voltage range 115/200 - 220 (187-253 VAC, 3 ph., 400 Hz), designed for harsh environment with output power from 1 000 W to 5 000 W and case operating temperature range up to -60° to +100° C.

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JETDiR new product series


The newest JETDiR series is ready for ordering. These units provide output power from 15 W up to 600 W (with power density of 49-106 W/In³) and they are designed for DC input voltage ranges typical for decentralized power supply systems with use of batteries: 10.2-15 VDC, 10.2-30 VDC, 20-30 VDC, 20-60 VDC, 20-40 VDC, 15-50 VDC or 36-75 VDC.
JETDiR DC/DC converters have efficiency up to 92%, the extreme case operating temperature range up to -60 ... +130 °C and are available for ordering in robust aluminum cases, with mounting holes which can hide screw heads inside case profileю
Additional models up to 120 W have 3 case types and several versions of the height case for different applications.
Samples are available for ordering on preferential terms!

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JETNA-LP new product series


Let our company present to you our next generation of three-phase input AC/DC power supplies series JETNA-LP, designed for harsh environment with output power from 1 000 W to 5 000 W.
Modernizing the product series, we focused on the latest trends in power supplies design and the most modern components choice, thanks to which we managed to create even more low-profile units with high power density values:
JETNA1000-LP (1 000 W) - 28 mm profile, energy density 36 W/inch³
JETNA2000-LP (2,000 W) - 34 mm profile, energy density 39 W/inch³
JETNA3000-LP (3,000 W) - 36 mm profile, energy density 39 W/inch³
JETNA5000-LP (5,000 W) - 38 mm profile, energy density 42 W/inch³
The JETNA-LP series is ready for ordering and we hope that this new generation units will continue to help you in creating and building of compact and reliable power systems for challenging applications.

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Upgraded series TESD/TESND


Dear colleagues!

We have upgraded DC/DC converters of the popular TESD series, which pin-to-pin replace other companies products well known in the Russian market.

We managed to significantly increase the efficiency of these modules (for some models up to 92%), while their price remained the same!

In addition, a new series of TESND modules with increased energy density has been developed and mastered, which, in comparison with TESD modules, will allow you to get the same output power in much smaller dimensions.

Contact us to order samples!

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Electronica 2018


Dear colleagues!

AEPS-group took part in Electronica 2018, the largest European exhibition of the electronic industry, which was held in Munich from November 13 to 16, 2018.

A number of presentations and negotiations were held with customers, as well as with current and potential distributors of our products in Europe and Russia, during which we proposed more favorable terms of cooperation according to the latest trends in cost optimization and shorter delivery times.

Also, new promising product lines were presented to visitors.

If you are also interested in our offer with new lower prices with a minimum delivery time, please contact us in the section Contact.

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New products


Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you can order the new products – AC/DC Power Supplies whit output power 5 000 W.
In addition, we start to produce the power supplies blocks (based on these modules) in a metal casing with an integrated cooling system that have a high-speed feedback function and an advanced control and diagnostics system via the RS422 protocol.

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Dear Colleagues!

Thank you for visiting of our booth at the exhibition Expo Electronica 2018 in Moscow. We appreciate your interest to our products and the positive feedback from you.

For those who were not able to visit the exhibition, we suggest to pay attention to our latest developments in section AC/DC, DC/DC, Power blocks and new LP units - ultralow profile AC/DC power supplies 2 500 W with profile 24 mm and 1 000 W (3 ph) with profile 16 mm.

Photo report is here.

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Dear Clients and Partners!

We would like to invite you to visit our stand at ExpoElectronica 2018.
The exhibition will be occasion to get the latest information about the products we offer – DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies and power supplies systems.

The event will be held from 17th to 19th of April, 2018 (10:00-18:00).
Place: Crocus Expo, 65-66 km Moscow City Ring (MKAD), Moscow, Russia.
Our stand D628 (pavilion 3, hall 14).

We will be glad to see you among our guests!

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New AC/DC Power Supply Block


Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you can order the new product – AC/DC Power Supply Block. Those units convert 3-phase 400 Hz 220 VAC input into VDC output of 300 to 400 VDC. Specialized feedback circuit results in rapid transient recovery time for impulse load operation of up to 2.5 kHz pulse frequency. Communication over RS422 allows sending diagnostics to customer's equipment and receiving commands to operate the power block and set its output voltage real-time.

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Supercomputers instead of oil...


The publication in the material "Supercomputers instead of oil - How Russia is trying to get off the raw needle" told about the sales of domestic supercomputers produced by the company "T-platform" to Europe, specifically to Germany, worth more than 469 million dollars. We would like to note that our products are the part of these computers.

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Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers and colleagues! We wish you success, financial stability and good health!

We ourselves could make a gift already on the eve of the holidays - the group of companies AEPS-group has expanded.

Now, apart from the firms in the Czech Republic (Alexander Electric, Goncharov Electric JET, AEPS-group) and Moscow (TE, VIP AG, AEPS Group), it also included the new company, established in conjunction with a very respected partner from the traditional capital of Russian electronics - the city of Voronezh.

Follow the updates on the site!

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Forbes TOP-10


We are proud that the authoritative publication marked our firm among TOP-10 companies capable of successfully competing with the West:

AEPS Group
Founder: Alexander Goncharov
Year of Foundation: 2003
Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic
Products: secondary power supplies and power converters
Scope: telecommunications, engineering, aviation

History: Alexander Goncharov founded the first company of the future group in 1991. Each of the companies is responsible for part of the technological process. In 2004, he decided to start a business in the Czech Republic: it was cheaper to organize production there. At the same time, production capacities were preserved at home. The group produces power supplies with a power from 3 W to 10 kW that are capable of operating at temperatures from -60 to +125 °С, as well as related electronics.

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Seminar in Voronezh


Dear colleagues!

Thank you for visiting the seminar, which was held at your request with the personal participation of our General Designer Alexander Goncharov.

The questions asked and your participation in the discussions were very useful and interesting for us.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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New modification of AC/DC converters


Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you can order the new modification of units JETNA3000 and JETNA5000.

Those units have not only standard options for this type of AC/DC Power supplies (feedback, parallel work, trimming and full complex protection inc. the protection for overheating), but have the function of control by normalized signal of direct current.

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AC/DC converters now with high output from 100 to 500 VDC


Dear colleagues!

Upon Your requests we start to produce AC/DC Power Supplies with high output voltage.

Now we can offer the units JETNA series with output voltage from 100 to 500 VDC.

Keep for updates!

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New high-powered AC/DC Block


Dear colleagues!

We present you our latest development - high-powered AC/DC Block JETAB5500-HP for mounting into 19” rail.

The block has 3-phase input, output power 5500 W, passive cooling without fans and ability of parallel function up to 4 units.

The description is available in the Preliminary section.

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Our new products


Dear colleagues!

In the run-up to the exhibition we suggest you to learn about our novelties:

- DC/DC converter in brick form factor with high-voltage input network,
- Three-phase AC/DC modules with reduced height of case,
- Multi-channel power supplies.

Their descriptions are available in the Preliminary section.

Come to our seminar (26.04.2017 at 10:00) as well to our stand (B119, hall 4) at the upcoming exhibition Expo Electronics 2017.

We will be able to tell you more about this products in more detail.

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TESA Modules


Dear customers!

Our company continues receiving of orders for our well known modules of earlier generations - AC/DC converters of popular brand TESA.

Certainly, the modules can be supplied in short terms, which are significantly shorter than those, that other Russian manufacturers can offer you.

For clarity and your convenience, datasheets of the AC/DC converters soon will be placed in the appropriate sections of our website.

Follow our updates!

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Electronica 2016


Dear colleagues!

Thank you for visiting of our booth at the exhibition Electronica 2016 in Munich. We appreciate your interest to our products and the positive feedback from you.

We will keep on creating of modules that you can use for the most important projects.

For those who were not able to visit the exhibition, we suggest to pay attention to our latest developments in section JETA, JETNA, JETND and TESND.

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Dear friends!

We are happy to inform you that we have launched traditional annual sale.

Here is the list of power supplies on offer. Sales up to 50% off, lead time – 1 day upon payment.

Besdies, for the first time we announce sale of components from our stock, whcih are ready to be delivered immdediately.

Hurry up!

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Dear friends!

On our website, we have posted description of several models of power supply blocks, which are stand-alone finished products with the best effectively designed cooling system.

Application of ready-made blocks will allow you to avoid having to solve the problem of heat dissipation, and will simplify the construction design of the power system you need.

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Dear friends!

We present you our latest development - advanced AC/DC power supplies with output power of 5000 W. The power supplies have compact, low-profile case only 40 mm high, and a wide temperature range from -50°C ... up to + 85°C.

These units are available for order placements, you can order the samples on favorable conditions.

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