We have some electrifying news to share with you – We’re expanding our digital presence! We’re pleased to announce the launch of the ALEXANDER ELECTRIC Facebook Page. We’ve created this space for all of you – industry professionals, power module aficionados, and everyone in between – to connect, engage and learn more about the fascinating world of power modules for harsh environments.

We invite you to be part of our thriving community and dive into engaging discussions around the power modules industry.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you in the ALEXANDER ELECTRIC Facebook Page!



At IDET-23, a high-profile exhibition we participated, we observed a prominent trend: more than half of the companies on display were involved in the contemporary and forward-thinking field of aerospace. Rest assured, we too are making strides in this domain. Our JETDiR-SP series, a unique and novel creation, stands as a testament to our progress in this sector. As of now, this product is available in its prototype version! With this innovative module, our aim has been to curtail the need for exterior filter networks by incorporating a portion of these filters internally.

To browse our latest offerings, we invite you to peruse our catalogue. Bear in mind that the corresponding datasheets are currently being developed!



The offerings from our company experienced remarkable success at IDET-23, surpassing other cutting-edge innovations presented by Czech and international companies endorsing revolutionary electronics. Howevere the progress witnessed in the Czech high-tech industry for demanding applications left an indelible impression on us.

Without further ado, let us invite you to explore our captivating photoreport!

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Advanced Power Supply Units for UAVs


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies are currently in high demand and are attracting the attention. We have been following this promising field for a long time.

As a result we has made a unified power units series called JETDiV, which comes in ultra-low profile shock- and vibro-resistance cases with reinforced mounting holes, designed for use on hardware PCBs.

We have prepared a handy mini-catalogue for you, available at this link, where you can find more information!

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Unveiling Our New Blog


Greetings, cherished readers of our site!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a fresh segment on our website – the Blog! This space will serve as a vibrant hub for showcasing the most recent breakthroughs in the industry, sharing insights into our latest advancements, imparting knowledge through informative articles and expressing our reflections on the power supply universe. We believe you will find this addition engaging and enriching.
Be sure to keep an eye out for new posts!

Exhibition Invitation


Hello and welcome, dear valued guests!

We’re thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated IDET exhibition is slated to commence in just five short days!

We’re particularly excited about showcasing our latest range of power supply solutions, specifically designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other airborne platforms. If this realm of technology piques your interest, you can easily locate us at Pavilion P, situated on the ground floor, space 087. We eagerly await the opportunity to engage with each one of you!

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IDET 2023


Greetings to all valued visitors of our website!

We are delighted to announce that the IDET exhibition is set to commence on May 24 in Brno.

The IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair is a significant platform for showcasing defence and security technology in Central Europe. It features substantial international participation of exhibitors and trade visitors, and is visited by international military delegations and foreign defence ministries for armament.

Our company will be showcasing its most recent advancements in the field of planar power supplies at this exhibition. If you have a keen interest in this field, we highly recommend that you attend the exhibition in person. We would be thrilled to meet you at our booth!

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New Catalogue is Released!


We are thrilled to announce that our latest catalog is now available on our website! Now you can explore an abundance of our new products! We invite you to indulge in the pleasure of discovering our latest offerings, and we are eager to answer any queries that you may have.

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Belated New Year


Good day, Dear friends!

Because of the heavy workload we did not notice how the four-digit number on our calendars has changed. Despite this, while a little late, we still would like to wish you happiness and peace of mind in your personal life and business in New Year from our heart.

Our construction has progressed forward in year 2023 and we’re confidently moving towards its completion. Hopefully, soon you’ll be able to visit us in our own new home. Same as every new year, we have something new in works that we’d be glad to share with you. We will soon update our product range, where you’ll find renewed JETDi, JETDiR, JETA-LP and JETNA-LP series power supply units and converters.

We appreciate your cooperation and value your trust in us!

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates! Thank you!

vicor brick dc to dc converter replacement power supply

High voltage DC/DC converters. Create and replace!


Some time ago we have announced our capabilities to produce high voltage input (and output) DC/DC converters in brick form-factors. While details about our JETDiR (300 W up to 1500 W) high-input-voltage units are still being decided – we have begun something similar.

Recently we have been receiving requests and questions whether we can provide pin-to-pin replacements (within same dimensions and same mounting footprint) for certain units. One of the requested replacements was for units of well-known converter producer – VICOR company. In particular their high voltage input Micro, Mini and Maxi families which offer Quarter, Half and Full brick formfactors.

We applied our JETDiR design principles and created pin-to-pin mount-to-mount units for input mains of 180-375 VDC and 250-425 VDC. Their preliminary datasheets can be found in custom VICOR replacement product section. We accept high-quantity short-lead-time orders for these and similar units!

JETDiR-MIL power supply isolated dc to dc custom converter

Company vacation


Dear Customers, while we are working hard to complete your orders, preparing new material for our website (datasheets and product range updates) and preparing to present our new successfully completed projects – we still need to rest a bit too!
Public holidays are coming next week and so we would like to inform you that we will be unavailable from Monday to Wednesday (04.07 to 06.07). Have a nice day!

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Website updates


Dear Customers, our website is being updated. So far we have updated our Product range and Catalogue. Further in line are datasheets, new product series JETDiR-SP and supporting documents. Soon we will be posting more detailed information. Thank you for patience and wish you a splendid day!

ac dc power supply converter with high power density

JETDiR series power density increased!


JETDiR series datasheets have been all updated! From 20 W to 1500 W in „brick“ form-factors within our most recent and widest temperature range, -60 °C to +125 °C of case temperature. Increased power outputs (incl. new R2B case):

case R2B – 40 W (new 1/16 BRICK)
case R3 – 100 W (previously 60 W)
case R4 – 150 W (previously 120 W)
case R5 – 300 W (previously 250 W)
case R6 – 700 W (previously 600 W)
case R6E – 1500 W 

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We stand with Ukraine


We are deeply sorry for what is happening in Ukraine for it brings loss to lives of many people, economics and endangers peace all over the world. We pray for the war to stop as soon as possible!

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TESND series power increased!


Dear Customers of our DC/DC series – TESND! In situation of risings costs of metals, ceramics and semiconductors (which pushes us to increase our pricing too) we chose the path of also increasing our units power characteristics. Please see our Selection guide for details. And also please enjoy our freshest TESND datasheets. We hope you’ll like it!

Based on burn-in testing we changed TESND series power values while keeping form-factors and pin-outs of our units! And so, the series now provides new increased power values:

case F250 W (previously 40 W)
case F3 100 W (previously 60 W)
case F4150 W (previously 120 W)
case F5300 W (previously 250 W)
case F6 – 600 W (previously 500 W)
case F7 – 1200 W (previously 1000 W)

TESND50-F3 now offers up to 3 galvanically isolated channels. But that’s not all. Due to our technological advancement our TESND units now operate in case temp operating range of -60 °C to +125 °C, without power derating!

Of course, for serial projects we still support production of previous TESND generations!

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Catalogue 2022 – updated


Reviewed, corrected, updated. Our polished catalogue for AC/DC, DC/DC and AC-DC/DC products for harsh environment has been re-uploaded! Please find the catalogue under the same address here or via the menu (see Products section).

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The website is being updated!


Dear Customers, the site is being updated. In particular, our product range, series parameters and datasheets contents. Some information presented on website at the moment may not be actual, however we’re working hard to finalize our updates as soon as possible and upload the updates to our website. If you have any questions, please ask.
Thank you!

New series of DC/DC converters with built-in MIL-STD-461F filters


Typical system with DC/DC converters involves application of additional EM filters to achieve compliance of MIL–STD–461. But in special cases – customers require converters that don’t need any external components.
Due to such requirements, we completed R’n’D allowing us to implement special filter circuitries inside the converters. This allows creating compact systems of distributed power delivery without placing any external EM filter components or other mandatory components, which are normally required for stable converter operation.
AEPS-group now offers new DC/DC converters JETDiR32-R (22x60x15 mm) and JETDiR70-R5 (61x59x13 mm). The JETDiR32-R is made for input voltage range „270“ (230-350 VDC, 450 VDC transient) and JETDiR70-R5 for input voltage range of 135-245 VDC. Without any external components the units comply with MIL–STD–461 CE101 and CE102.
Preliminary datasheets for units JETDiR32-R and JETDiR70-R5 are located in section „DC/DC custom units and blocks“.

ac dc low profile power supply converter

New member of JETDiR series – DC/DC converters for critical application


Logical continuation of JETDiR series in industrial case BRICK form-factors is a brand-new converter: JETDiR1500-R6E with output power of 1500 W. The new input range is introduced – „270“ (230-350 VDC, 450 VDC transient). The converter utilizes „flexible“ case of BRICK size (modified according to customers‘ requests), with dimensions of 119х63х15 mm.
The emergence of the JETDiR1500 sets a unique (for us) top level of power density – 218 W/in3 with typical efficiency of 94 %. Until this moment, the highest power density belonged to our DC/DC converter – TESND1000 – 118 W/in3.
The converter was designed to power load based on GaAs and GaN devices, with typical output voltage of 30-60 VDC. First production batches will start in May 2021.
The final datasheet will soon appear next to the other standard JETDiR products in section of „DC/DC power supply units for critical applications“. At this moment, preliminary datasheet is available in the section „DC/DC custom units and blocks“.
Next is the manufacturing preparation a new model of JETDiR2000-R6E with output power of 2000 W.

custom ac dc low profile power supply converter

New categories of custom power supply units and blocks


During recent years we’ve completed a lot of very interesting projects for custom power supplies. New product groups have appeared – AC/DC custom units and blocks and DC/DC custom units and blocks. We will continue to add to these categories and display you our newest projects and capabilities. Keep up with the updates. We will be very glad if you find something to your liking.
– team of AEPS-group

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Selection guide of 2021


On our website www.aeps-group.com you can find a new selection guide for year 2021. To be able to conveniently choose a product we provide classification of our units according to areas of application.
    1. Standard series units of „low cost“ class. In 2020 we have already started production of JETAs, JETDis, TESDs to fill our stock. The goal is to provide as fast as possible delivery time. They successfully replace units of previously produced generation TESA, JETA and, in some cases, they can replace popular, but more expensive JETA-LP, as well as JETDi, TESD, TESND series. We are sure that you will be pleased with the ability of new JETDis, TESDs to operate with input voltage range of 9-80 VDC (100 VDC transient).
    2. A group of AC/DC and DC/DC units for critical missions (maximum power, planar design, ultra- wide temperature ranges on request with maximum of service functions) – JETA-LP, JETNA-LP, TESAV(H), TESND, JETDiR and JETDi.
    3. A group of units for special applications, which has been developed with a set of parameters exactly according to your requirements over the past 5 years – the newest TESD-SP and classic no‑optocoupler TESD with a very large output power range, from 10 W to 1000 W!
We’re looking forward to receiving your inquiries and letters about your needs in 2021! At the moment we updating our website and soon you will find published new series of products in its relevant product sections. Do not wait – contact us!

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Happy New Year, friends!


Happy New Year, friends, brothers-developers, generous buyers! Very hard year of 2020 ends for year 2021 to begin. A new year of hope for health, new technologies in our lives. It was not for nothing that we tried to work in a remote access and took lessons on the Internet from the most successful and talented businessmen!
Best of luck to everyone! Best of luck!
Our team in Czech republic did a lot, in preparation for 2021. We significantly widened our portfolio and started with the most fearful – publishing information about new power supplies on our website. Very soon our datasheets and description will be updated and new series will see the light. Yes, it’s a lot of word – to predict future of the company a year ahead! Thanks to the Czech government, helping in the hard times, we’ve been motivated for technical and technologic feats during new products creation.
What’s new?
The flagships of our most complex products have been mastered for serial production. Developments of 2019-2020: new fanless planar 1-phase and 3-phase JETA3000-LP and JETNA5000-LP units, fully modernized TESAV (TESH) series (implemented synchronous rectification – which is very difficult to apply with substantial input mains voltage fluctuations).
In 2021 year we are presenting a new cosmic era for our products, being brought into serial production are the TESD „SPACE“ units. Our developers from Russia, Voronezh took part in the development of the series (our company TE „Tesla Electric“).
In year 2021 you’ll see completely new DC/DC units series of JETDis and TESDs. We call them budgetary („Low Cost“), however they may please you not only by their miniature dimensions and low price, but also by ultra-wide input range of „48W“ 9-80 VDC. Here we had to forget about the virus and work hard.
„Small but daring“! This is for our newest developed series – AC/DC JETAs units for 60, 120, 300, 700 and 1200 W. They also belong to the „Low Cost“ class and contain optimized amount of service functions, although for the first time, for a lower priced series, we also implemented synchronous rectification!
Please follow changes on our website in the new year of 2021!
Happiness, peace of mind, luck, health to you and your loved ones!
Team of AEPS-group, Prague, Czech republic.

ac dc low profile power supply converter

Even in space there is a need for energy! New series – TESD „SPACE“


Outer space is next!
Specially for Your AEPS-group team has been developing cosmic DC/DC series of power supplies called TESD „SPACE“ (TESD-SP)! The series contains a broad range of units for output powers of 10 W, 20 W, 40 W, 80 W, 200 W, 300 W, 500 W and 1000 W for the input voltage range „27W“ (15-50 VDC, 80 VDC 1s).
The basis used is the most popular AEPS-group series which during many years was being produced under the names MDM, MR, TESND, TESD. The units of newest series TESD „SPACE“ completely preserved the dimensions and pin-outs of TESD series units.
Due to utilizing newer circuitry and special components we achieved significantly improved EMC characteristics and resilience to external acting factors. The TESD „SPACE“ units use optocoupler-less feedback circuitry. Built-in input and output EMC filters notably reduce conductive interference. Distinctive feature of the series is very high efficiency for such types of the DC/DC converters of 90-94 %.
Minimal weight and maximal efficiency – factors allowing the TESD „SPACE“ series to ideally fit commercial and special applications in conditions where there are high demands for reliability and resilience to external acting factors.
Very soon you’ll see the TESD „SPACE“ units in the selection guide of 2021, and also a separate product section for TESD „SPACE“ will be published on our website.

ac dc low profile power supply converter



New low-cost JETDi modification (please see JETDi datasheets) – JETDiB – is optimized in cost and characteristics. JETDiB provides similar technical characteristics as DC/DC converters of manufacturers as Traco, Aimtec, Mornsun, CUI, XPower, Recom, they are produced with nominal output power levels of 5, 6, 8, 10,15, 20 (DIP24 formfactor), 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 (1х1” formfactor), 15, 20, 30, 60 (2х1” formfactor) and 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 (¼ BRICK formfactor) W.
The units achieve high level of power densities in range 49-83 W/inch3 and unique wide operating temperature range up to -60 to +110 °С.
Price-list is shared with registered customers on request (please contact us via our contact form).

New products in selection guide


New and improved power supply units have appeared in the list of our product range. To see the update product list, please go to our selection guide via following link:



Customers inquiries-based development to increase standard AC/DC output power rating (while keeping the same dimensions) are successfully getting to the finish line.
We are glad to announce that we managed to significantly increase power density in small dimensions of JETA1200 (211x117x38 mm).
Now the new JETA1500 unit has 26 W/in3 in the dimensions of JETA1200.
Looking forward to receiving your inquiries. Orders are accepted.

ac dc low profile power supply converter



JETA-LP lowprofile units series has a new member – JETA2000-LP, having increased power of 2 kW in the same dimensions as JETA1500-LP (250x140x36 mm).
At the moment both older JETA1500-LP and younger JETA2000-LP are available to order.



Testing of new power supplies based on JETA2000 prototype has been completed.
After optimization of circuit and design solutions, while keeping dimensions of 250x140x39 mm, maximal power was increased to 2500 W.
As a result, power density of new JETA2500 unit is 30 W/in3.
Both JETA2000 and its more powerful modification JETA2500 are now available to order.

ac dc low profile power supply converter



Complete modernization of the popular TESD series with an output power of 10 to 500 W, supplied to support serial consumer production, has been completed.
New opportunities to create additional special functions are made possible by the use of optoelectronic devices with high resistance to ionizing radiation. In addition, it helps eliminate known shortcomings, such as low reliability of implementing isolating transformers in feedback circuits. However, a standard transformer-based feedback design is not excluded.
TESD units are designed in traditional reinforced cases with flanges that allow operation in conditions of strong vibrations and mechanical shocks.
Optimal for use in aplications 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 11.

ac dc low profile power supply converter



The newest DC/DC converters TESND series are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and their parameters are comparable to the units parameters of such manufacturers as VPT, SinQor, Traco, Power-One, Aimtec, Mornsun, CUI, XPower, Interpoint, Recom, Gaia (incl. some models with opportunity of pin-to-pin replacement).
The units have high power density from 27 to 142 W/inch³ and they are designed for DC input typical for decentralized power supply systems with use of batteries 12, 24, 48 and 60 VDC (input voltage ranges: 10.2…15 VDC, 10.2…30 VDC, 20…30 VDC, 20…60 VDC, 20…40 VDC, 15…50 VDC or 36…75 VDC).
Units output power is from 10 up to 1 200 W in several case modifications (execution JETDi, JETDiR). The various temperature ranges are available (incl. extreme temperature range from -60 to +130 °С.
The units of the TESND series have a high efficiency of up to 92%, their design with mounting flanges increases vibration resistance and impact durability.
Identical circuitry and component solutions were used for all TESND, JETDi and JETDiR series, which provides our customers a unique opportunity to choose from 3 housing (cases) options. Case variants are follow