The offerings from our company experienced remarkable success at IDET-23. Our advancements in Electronic Warfare and Electronic Countermeasure equipment garnered significant attention, particularly our latest additions to the esteemed JETNA-LP series (with notable inquiries surrounding the three-phase JETNA2000-LP, JETNA3000-LP and JETNA5000-LP models). These innovations have been ingeniously miniaturized to fit into the new line of cases with reduced dimensions.

Our well-regarded line of modules, including JETDiR20, JETDiR40, JETDiR100, JETDiR150, JETDiR300, JETDiR700, and, of course, JETDiR1500, fulfilled our expectations flawlessly.

Furthermore, customers from multiple countries exhibited keen interest in our new bundle, a combination of JETNA7000-LP with 800V output and JETDIV600, which facilitates parallel operation to achieve a comprehensive array of deck supply voltages. This innovation allows for the redistribution of numerous functionalities in tethered drones.

For detailed information on the aforementioned new models, we urge you to stay tuned for updated data sheets available on our website!

We take great pride in having our exhibition graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Jiří Hynek, the President and Executive Director of DSIA.