Alexander Electric Empowers Electromagnetic Warfare


In a significant stride towards enhancing military capabilities, Alexander Electric proudly announces the outstanding performance of its JETNA-LP and JETDiV series in catering to the unique requirements of electronic warfare equipment.

JETNA-LP stand out for their industry-leading efficiency, ensuring optimal power utilization and minimal energy wastage. The compact design of both JETNA-LP and JETDiV series facilitates seamless integration into military hardware, addressing space and weight constraints without compromising performance. Reliability and robustness are inherent in these modules, designed to operate in harsh environments and deliver consistent power under extreme conditions. Advanced thermal management systems prevent overheating, ensuring sustained performance during extended operations. The adaptability of JETDiV modules, thanks to their high output voltages, allows them to meet the diverse power requirements of various electronic warfare devices.

An exciting milestone for Alexander Electric is the successful testing of the JETDiV series in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These modules have proven their mettle in the dynamic and challenging environments typical of UAV operations.

We continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the company remains dedicated to providing top-tier power supply solutions. These solutions empower military forces with the latest advancements in technology, reflecting a commitment to excellence in critical applications. For more details on the JETNA-LP and JETDiV series and their applications, explore our website product part.