Our mission

Czech company, Alexander Electric, is a design-developing company in field of power supplies for use in harsh environment conditions. Meant for mission-critical applications: case temperatures of up to -60 to +125 °C, at 15 km height and higher, with short-term accelerations up to 16 000 g, in conditions of possible loss of airtightness leading to vacuum operation, in environment with salt fog and pollution, etc.

We realize that within on-board equipment power supply system must occupy part of the precious space shared with the main device.

We know perfectly that in mission-critical products – a power supply system occupies up to 20-30 % of overall equipment space. A power supply system bites off a noticeable part of overall object volume decreasing its practical abilities. No wonder it’s often said – “the best power supply system for the equipment is one that’s not there”. This is why our goal is to maximize power density values of our units (minimizing dimensions) and currently we reach up to 50 W/inch3 for AC/DC units and up to 200 W/inch3 for DC/DC units.

The requests for custom solutions are received from potential customers of different countries: Germany, UK, France, India, South Korea, Italy, USA. The tasks we receive often carry close-to-impossible requirements. After, we clarify and approve the technical part of the project and deliver pilot unit samples. If successful – we then produce hundreds of the developed units or we utilize capacities of our contract factories for mass production in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What you see in our Product range is practically the end result of our work for You.

OUR MISSION: accept and complete challenges!