New modification of AC/DC converters


Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you can order the new modification of units JETNA3000 and JETNA5000.

Those units have not only standard options for this type of AC/DC Power supplies (feedback, parallel work, trimming and full complex protection inc. the protection for overheating), but have the function of control by normalized signal of direct current.

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AC/DC converters now with high output from 100 to 500 VDC


Dear colleagues!

Upon Your requests we start to produce AC/DC Power Supplies with high output voltage.

Now we can offer the units JETNA series with output voltage from 100 to 500 VDC.

Keep for updates!

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New high-powered AC/DC Block


Dear colleagues!

We present you our latest development – high-powered AC/DC Block JETAB5500-HP for mounting into 19” rail.

The block has 3-phase input, output power 5500 W, passive cooling without fans and ability of parallel function up to 4 units.

The description is available in the Preliminary section.

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Our new products


Dear colleagues!

In the run-up to the exhibition we suggest you to learn about our novelties:

– DC/DC converter in brick form factor with high-voltage input network,
– Three-phase AC/DC modules with reduced height of case,
– Multi-channel power supplies.

Their descriptions are available in the Preliminary section.

Come to our seminar (26.04.2017 at 10:00) as well to our stand (B119, hall 4) at the upcoming exhibition Expo Electronics 2017.

We will be able to tell you more about this products in more detail.

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TESA Modules


Dear customers!

Our company continues receiving of orders for our well known modules of earlier generations – AC/DC converters of popular brand TESA.

Certainly, the modules can be supplied in short terms, which are significantly shorter than those, that other Russian manufacturers can offer you.

For clarity and your convenience, datasheets of the AC/DC converters soon will be placed in the appropriate sections of our website.

Follow our updates!

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Electronica 2016


Dear colleagues!

Thank you for visiting of our booth at the exhibition Electronica 2016 in Munich. We appreciate your interest to our products and the positive feedback from you.

We will keep on creating of modules that you can use for the most important projects.

For those who were not able to visit the exhibition, we suggest to pay attention to our latest developments in section JETA, JETNA, JETND and TESND.

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Dear friends!

We are happy to inform you that we have launched traditional annual sale.

Here is the list of power supplies on offer. Sales up to 50% off, lead time – 1 day upon payment.

Besdies, for the first time we announce sale of components from our stock, whcih are ready to be delivered immdediately.

Hurry up!

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Dear friends!

On our website, we have posted description of several models of power supply blocks, which are stand-alone finished products with the best effectively designed cooling system.

Application of ready-made blocks will allow you to avoid having to solve the problem of heat dissipation, and will simplify the construction design of the power system you need.

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Dear friends!

We present you our latest development – advanced AC/DC power supplies with output power of 5000 W. The power supplies have compact, low-profile case only 40 mm high, and a wide temperature range from -50°C … up to + 85°C.

These units are available for order placements, you can order the samples on favorable conditions.

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New Products!


Dear colleagues,

Please be advised that we have placed description of new promising products on our website:

  • demonstration devices of EVA-JETA and EVA-JETD series, designed for testing JET AC/DC and DC/DC converters in certain customers’ environment and actual conditions;
  • low-profile LED lamps JETLED for external applications.

It is really worth reading, so go ahead, just click on the link here PRODUCTS and you will get an absolutely innovative vision of our achievements.

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