We’re delighted to share some exciting news with you! Our DC/DC modules have successfully expanded their lower limit of the operating temperature range, now reaching an impressive -70 degrees Celsius. This significant enhancement applies to the JETDi, JETDiR, and JETDiV series.

But what does this mean for you? As you may be aware, our modules are utilized in devices and systems that operate in a variety of critical environments, including both manned and unmanned vehicles that carry out missions at altitudes of up to 40 kilometers. On average, for every 100 meters of altitude gain, the air temperature decreases by 0.6 degrees Celsius, or 6 degrees per kilometer, a phenomenon referred to as the vertical temperature gradient.

In essence, our modules are now capable of functioning at altitudes up to the Karman Line, which extends to approximately 100 kilometers. So, if you happen to have applications such as fighter jets, drones, weather probes, or any other devices conducting missions at altitudes nearing the edge of space, we strongly recommend using our power modules for the utmost reliability in your systems!

To order, you can use the contact form on the website or simply email at aeps@aeps-group.cz or call us! Our client team is ready to hear about your project!

DC DC extreme low temperature