New member of JETDiR series – DC/DC converters for critical application


Logical continuation of JETDiR series in industrial case BRICK form-factors is a brand-new converter: JETDiR1500-R6E with output power of 1500 W. The new input range is introduced – “270” (230-350 VDC, 450 VDC transient). The converter utilizes “flexible” case of BRICK size (modified according to customers’ requests), with dimensions of 119х63х15 mm.

The emergence of the JETDiR1500 sets a unique (for us) top level of power density – 218 W/in3 with typical efficiency of 94 %. Until this moment, the highest power density belonged to our DC/DC converter – TESND1000 – 118 W/in3.

The converter was designed to power load based on GaAs and GaN devices, with typical output voltage of 30-60 VDC. First production batches will start in May 2021.

The final datasheet will soon appear next to the other standard JETDiR products in section of “DC/DC power supply units for critical applications”. At this moment, preliminary datasheet is available in the section “DC/DC custom units and blocks”.

Next is the manufacturing preparation a new model of JETDiR2000-R6E with output power of 2000 W.