Even in space there is a need for energy! New series – TESD “SPACE”


Outer space is next!

Specially for Your AEPS-group team has been developing cosmic DC/DC series of power supplies called TESD “SPACE” (TESD-SP)! The series contains a broad range of units for output powers of 10 W, 20 W, 40 W, 80 W, 200 W, 300 W, 500 W and 1000 W for the input voltage range “27W” (15-50 VDC, 80 VDC 1s).

The basis used is the most popular AEPS-group series which during many years was being produced under the names MDM, MR, TESND, TESD. The units of newest series TESD “SPACE” completely preserved the dimensions and pin-outs of TESD series units.

Due to utilizing newer circuitry and special components we achieved significantly improved EMC characteristics and resilience to external acting factors. The TESD “SPACE” units use optocoupler-less feedback circuitry. Built-in input and output EMC filters notably reduce conductive interference. Distinctive feature of the series is very high efficiency for such types of the DC/DC converters of 90-94 %.

Minimal weight and maximal efficiency – factors allowing the TESD “SPACE” series to ideally fit commercial and special applications in conditions where there are high demands for reliability and resilience to external acting factors.

Very soon you’ll see the TESD “SPACE” units in the selection guide of 2021, and also a separate product section for TESD “SPACE” will be published on our website.