New series of DC/DC converters with built-in MIL-STD-461F filters


Typical system with DC/DC converters involves application of additional EM filters to achieve compliance of MILSTD461. But in special cases – customers require converters that don’t need any external components.

Due to such requirements, we completed R’n’D allowing us to implement special filter circuitries inside the converters. This allows creating compact systems of distributed power delivery without placing any external EM filter components or other mandatory components, which are normally required for stable converter operation.

AEPS-group now offers new DC/DC converters JETDiR32-R (22x60x15 mm) and JETDiR70-R5 (61x59x13 mm). The JETDiR32-R is made for input voltage range “270” (230-350 VDC, 450 VDC transient) and JETDiR70-R5 for input voltage range of 135-245 VDC. Without any external components the units comply with MILSTD461 CE101 and CE102.

Preliminary datasheets for units JETDiR32-R and JETDiR70-R5 are located in section “DC/DC custom units and blocks”.