JETDiR new product series


The newest JETDiR series is ready for ordering. These units provide output power from 15 W up to 600 W (with power density of 49-106 W/In³) and they are designed for DC input voltage ranges typical for decentralized power supply systems with use of batteries: 10.2-15 VDC, 10.2-30 VDC, 20-30 VDC, 20-60 VDC, 20-40 VDC, 15-50 VDC or 36-75 VDC.
JETDiR DC/DC converters have efficiency up to 92%, the extreme case operating temperature range up to -60 … +130 °C and are available for ordering in robust aluminum cases, with mounting holes which can hide screw heads inside case profileю
Additional models up to 120 W have 3 case types and several versions of the height case for different applications.
Samples are available for ordering on preferential terms!