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New Catalogue is Released!


We are thrilled to announce that our latest catalog is now available on our website! Now you can explore an abundance of our new products! We invite you to indulge in the pleasure of discovering our latest offerings, and we are eager to answer any queries that you may have.

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Belated New Year


Good day, Dear friends!

Because of the heavy workload we did not notice how the four-digit number on our calendars has changed. Despite this, while a little late, we still would like to wish you happiness and peace of mind in your personal life and business in New Year from our heart.

Our construction has progressed forward in year 2023 and we’re confidently moving towards its completion. Hopefully, soon you’ll be able to visit us in our own new home. Same as every new year, we have something new in works that we’d be glad to share with you. We will soon update our product range, where you’ll find renewed JETDi, JETDiR, JETA-LP and JETNA-LP series power supply units and converters.

We appreciate your cooperation and value your trust in us!

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates! Thank you!

vicor brick dc to dc converter replacement power supply

High voltage DC/DC converters. Create and replace!


Some time ago we have announced our capabilities to produce high voltage input (and output) DC/DC converters in brick form-factors. While details about our JETDiR (300 W up to 1500 W) high-input-voltage units are still being decided – we have begun something similar.

Recently we have been receiving requests and questions whether we can provide pin-to-pin replacements (within same dimensions and same mounting footprint) for certain units. One of the requested replacements was for units of well-known converter producer – VICOR company. In particular their high voltage input Micro, Mini and Maxi families which offer Quarter, Half and Full brick formfactors.

We applied our JETDiR design principles and created pin-to-pin mount-to-mount units for input mains of 180-375 VDC and 250-425 VDC. Their preliminary datasheets can be found in custom VICOR replacement product section. We accept high-quantity short-lead-time orders for these and similar units!

JETDiR-MIL power supply isolated dc to dc custom converter

Company vacation


Dear Customers, while we are working hard to complete your orders, preparing new material for our website (datasheets and product range updates) and preparing to present our new successfully completed projects – we still need to rest a bit too!
Public holidays are coming next week and so we would like to inform you that we will be unavailable from Monday to Wednesday (04.07 to 06.07). Have a nice day!

power supply manufacturer web page

Website updates


Dear Customers, our website is being updated. So far we have updated our Product range and Catalogue. Further in line are datasheets, new product series JETDiR-SP and supporting documents. Soon we will be posting more detailed information. Thank you for patience and wish you a splendid day!

ac dc power supply converter with high power density

JETDiR series power density increased!


JETDiR series datasheets have been all updated! From 20 W to 1500 W in “brick” form-factors within our most recent and widest temperature range, -60 °C to +125 °C of case temperature. Increased power outputs (incl. new R2B case):

case R2B – 40 W (new 1/16 BRICK)
case R3 – 100 W (previously 60 W)
case R4 – 150 W (previously 120 W)
case R5 – 300 W (previously 250 W)
case R6 – 700 W (previously 600 W)
case R6E – 1500 W 

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We stand with Ukraine


We are deeply sorry for what is happening in Ukraine for it brings loss to lives of many people, economics and endangers peace all over the world. We pray for the war to stop as soon as possible!

ac dc low profile power supply converter tesnd

TESND series power increased!


Dear Customers of our DC/DC series – TESND! In situation of risings costs of metals, ceramics and semiconductors (which pushes us to increase our pricing too) we chose the path of also increasing our units power characteristics. Please see our Selection guide for details. And also please enjoy our freshest TESND datasheets. We hope you’ll like it!

Based on burn-in testing we changed TESND series power values while keeping form-factors and pin-outs of our units! And so, the series now provides new increased power values:

case F250 W (previously 40 W)
case F3 100 W (previously 60 W)
case F4150 W (previously 120 W)
case F5300 W (previously 250 W)
case F6 – 600 W (previously 500 W)
case F7 – 1200 W (previously 1000 W)

TESND50-F3 now offers up to 3 galvanically isolated channels. But that’s not all. Due to our technological advancement our TESND units now operate in case temp operating range of -60 °C to +125 °C, without power derating!

Of course, for serial projects we still support production of previous TESND generations!

sattelite in the space

Catalogue 2022 – updated


Reviewed, corrected, updated. Our polished catalogue for AC/DC, DC/DC and AC-DC/DC products for harsh environment has been re-uploaded! Please find the catalogue under the same address here or via the menu (see Products section).

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The website is being updated!


Dear Customers, the site is being updated. In particular, our product range, series parameters and datasheets contents. Some information presented on website at the moment may not be actual, however we’re working hard to finalize our updates as soon as possible and upload the updates to our website. If you have any questions, please ask.
Thank you!

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