TESND series power increased!


Dear Customers of our DC/DC series – TESND! In situation of risings costs of metals, ceramics and semiconductors (which pushes us to increase our pricing too) we chose the path of also increasing our units power characteristics. Please see our Selection guide for details. And also please enjoy our freshest TESND datasheets. We hope you’ll like it!

Based on burn-in testing we changed TESND series power values while keeping form-factors and pin-outs of our units! And so, the series now provides new increased power values:

case F250 W (previously 40 W)
case F3 100 W (previously 60 W)
case F4150 W (previously 120 W)
case F5300 W (previously 250 W)
case F6 – 600 W (previously 500 W)
case F7 – 1200 W (previously 1000 W)

TESND50-F3 now offers up to 3 galvanically isolated channels. But that’s not all. Due to our technological advancement our TESND units now operate in case temp operating range of -60 °C to +125 °C, without power derating!

Of course, for serial projects we still support production of previous TESND generations!