About input ranges

Our input voltage ranges

For AC/DC units, input ranges are selected with focus on the world's most common national single-phase and three-phase electrical networks. Overwhelmingly, these are the networks of the American standard 120 VAC (maximum short-time deviation is 100-127 VAC) 60 Hz and the European one - 220-240 VAC (maximum short-term deviation 198-242 VAC) 50 Hz.

AEPS-GROUP produces units for a single-phase AC network with the names: 230 (182-242 VAC) or 115 (81-138 VAC) with a frequency of 50-60 Hz (up to 440 Hz per request). Transient 1s deviations are allowed at AC or DC network: for 230 range - 176-264 VAC or 256-342 VDC, for 115 range 81-150 VAC or 113-195 VDC. We call these input ranges “narrow”, since they have a small ratio of maximum to minimum voltage - 1,32 and 1,7 respectively.

Working with narrow networks, power supply units have significantly better power performance, i.e. high efficiency and high power density. Thermal modes of critical components are performed with a good reliability margin.

A "wide" input voltage range called 230W (100-264 VAC / 140-372 VDC) with a frequency of 50-60 Hz (up to 440 Hz per request) is also used. A wide range of 230W network is required when working with input mains of poor quality or if it is necessary to work with several alternative networks.

For three-phase voltage in the AEPS-GROUP units, input ranges called 400 (delta 323-440 VAC, accepted 390-620 VDC) and 220 (delta 187-253 VAC) with a frequency of 50-60 Hz (up to 400 Hz per request) are used.

For DC/DC converters there are also various input ranges options. AEPS-GROUP produces standard DC/DC units optimized for narrow input voltage ranges. It is assumed that the input voltage for the units is formed from the output voltage of a main centralized AC/DC power supply, which can have a battery bank connected to its output to serve as uninterruptible power supply. In this case, we optimize the energy characteristics of the DC/DC unit for voltage range of a discharging battery and taking into account the voltage rise during battery charging, calculated for a voltage of 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 60 VDC.

For DC/DC units it's possible to choose two wide input ranges: 27W (15-50 VDC with 1s 80VDC transient) и 48W (9-80 VDC with 1s 100VDC transient).

In power supply special series TESAV (TESH) in accordance with peculiarities of their applications there are used special input ranges. For TESAV AC ranges are: 115 (80-140 VAC and/or 82-198 VDC) and 230 (176-242 VAC and/or 175-372 VDC). For TESH DC ranges are: 115 (82-198 VDC), 150W (110-375 VDC) and 230 (175-372) VDC.

Write to us and request - we will carefully consider the requirements for your particular input voltage range.

General designer of AEPS-GROUP Alexander Goncharov.