JETNA-LP new product series


Let our company present to you our next generation of three-phase input AC/DC power supplies series JETNA-LP, designed for harsh environment with output power from 1 000 W to 5 000 W.
Modernizing the product series, we focused on the latest trends in power supplies design and the most modern components choice, thanks to which we managed to create even more low-profile units with high power density values:
JETNA1000-LP (1 000 W) – 28 mm profile, energy density 36 W/inch³
JETNA2000-LP (2,000 W) – 34 mm profile, energy density 39 W/inch³
JETNA3000-LP (3,000 W) – 36 mm profile, energy density 39 W/inch³
JETNA5000-LP (5,000 W) – 38 mm profile, energy density 42 W/inch³

The JETNA-LP series is ready for ordering and we hope that this new generation units will continue to help you in creating and building of compact and reliable power systems for challenging applications.