To eliminate the adverse effects of electrical noise, as well as to abide by the general safety standards, a power supply filter is often a necessary addition to a piece of electronic equipment. Especially so if such an equipment operates in difficult environmental or industrial conditions. At AEPS, you can select a suitable filter to meet the demands of almost any application.


Look no further than our filters if you need not just to comply with the lawful requirements, but to genuinely protect and improve the performance of your equipment!

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The Power Supply Filters Suited for AC Inputs

We provide filters for both AC and DC inputs. The AC filters are represented by our JETAF product series. Due to their compact sizes and wide temperature range, these filters are suitable for analog and digital equipment working in difficult climatic conditions. Be it polar, desert or humid environments, they will serve as a reliable protection from current surges and other electric noises.

With the exception of the JETAF 15-400, all of our JETAF series filters are meant to be applied in single phase AC networks. The JETAF 15-400 is primarily meant to be used in 3-phase AC networks.

For other details and insertion loss specifics, please check out the individual product datasheets.

DC Power Supply Filter Variant

Designed for DC networks, these JETDF filters share similar characteristics with their AC counterparts. Amorphous nanocrystal cores for efficient noise filtering, great temperature stability and very compact dimensions make these filters an invaluable tool for industries ranging from land and air transport to mining and radar equipment. They also have a high MTBF (mean time between failure), reaching 400 000 hours with a temperature case of 50°C.


For their maximum efficiency, we encourage combining our filters with our AC/DC or DC/DC power supplies. Simply contact us with specifics and we'll assist you in picking the correct device!

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The Need for an Extra Filter for Power Supply

While some sort of basic filtering device is embedded in most electronic equipment due to legal safety requirements, an extra filter is often a necessity. Particularly in industrial settings and in circuits that are either prone to disturbance or work in an environment where EMI is common.

Your equipment might be suffering from electronic device congestion – anytime there are multiple electronic devices close to each other, interference is likely, especially with high-performing devices. Lower-power circuits are also in danger of being damaged or having their performance compromised by EMI.


Magnetic induction disturbances, noise spreading along the power supply lines, solar flares and weather effects – all of those can put your electronic equipment in danger. Do not underestimate the need for a solid filter.

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