Higher safety, efficiency and reliability even in the most difficult of conditions – our isolated DC-DC converters are sought after for all the right reasons. Soon they, along with the other products manufactured by AEPS group, might serve your project as well.

Trains, cars, helicopters, mining equipment, screens and displays, supercomputers and much more – the potential uses of our power supplies are endless. If it’s reliability, efficiency and high power that you’re after, our products will not disappoint.


AC-DC Power Supplies and their Function

The purpose of these devices is to transform the power from AC mains (such as a wall socket) into a steady DC to be used in the end device (load). The power supply must also prevent any AC interferences in the DC supply output and manage to sustain the same output voltage even when changes in input happen.

Therefore, a typical power supply is made out of several sub-components that help to achieve this effect. These components include transformers, filters, regulators and rectifiers.

A Reliable AC to DC Power Supply to Satisfy Most of your Demands – Introducing the JETA-LP 1-Phase Series

  • Planar, low-profile design allows for efficient conductive cooling without the need to use a fan
  • Suitable for AC mains of both European and American standards (230W input range)
  • Special applications such as AC input range 230 and 115 are also possible
  • Maximal output power of the JETA-LP models ranges from 100 to 3000 W
  • Synchronous rectification of output voltage up to 27 VDC
  • >300 W models feature multiple service functions, incl. inrush current limiting and current sharing
  • Power density ranging from 17 to 25 W/inch3
  • High resistance against mechanical stress
  • Case operating temperatures from -50°C to +85°C

These are the reasons why our JETA-LP series should not escape your attention. Furthermore, some of the models from this series feature isolated dual outputs, which enables for a variety of different schematic connections (parallel-connected, series-connected, independent and common ground dual output).


A trusty solution for all industries looking for compact design without any sacrifices on the side of efficiency! Put your trust in the JETA-LP power supplies. It won’t be misplaced.

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But our AC to DC power supply offer does not end there. For 3-phase solutions, look no further than the JETNA-LP series

  • The most powerful of our power supplies, the devices from these series have an output power ranging from 1000 to 5000 W
  • Low-profile design, with heights ranging from 28.5 to 39 mm
  • Suitable for both 3-phase AC mains (400 VAC) and for DC mains ranging from 390 to 620 VDC.
  • Synchronous rectification of up to 27 VDC results in increased efficiency up to 94%
  • A set of service functions includes external feedback function and current sharing.
  • A very high power density between 35-42 W/inch3
  • Effective conductive cooling with no fans used
  • Temperature operating scope -60°C to 85°C

The JETNA-LP series is suited for many applications and can withstand some of the most difficult conditions, including polar environments. You may find these devices operating at high altitudes as parts of plane/drone equipment, as well as underground as part of mining equipment. You will find a more detailed list of application fields further below.


Unsure which device would be the most suited for your industry? Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to advise you!

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A multifunctional power supply – AC to DC, or perhaps DC to DC only? The TESAV (H) series has got you covered

These series are produced in two variants, the TESH and TESAV, which is essentially an unorthodox AC-DC power supply. In the TESAV model, a separate AC voltage input leads into internal bridge rectifier. The rectifier output is linked with internal DC-DC converter phase serving as a DC input for the entire unit. The voltage from this input is further filtered via an external electrolytic capacitor.

This purpose of this design is to enable storing the capacitor in colder parts of the equipment, as a result of which the rest of the unit can operate at higher temperatures and last longer without failure. The TESH variant does not have an AC input and as such works basically as a DC/DC converter.

  • The products in this series range from 50 to 1000 W input power
  • AC input of 36, 115 and 230
  • Synchronous output rectification results in up to 93% efficiency
  • Full service function set includes current sharing and threrefore parallel operation
  • Uninterruptible power supply can be created by connecting the capacitor to DC inputs
  • Case operating temperature from -60°C to 110°C
  • Superb power density ranging from 32 to 55 W/inch3


Available in both DC/DC or the AC/DC power filtration variants, these are among our most versatile products. Take advantage of their unique design and high reliability and use them in your own projects!

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Take a look at the application possibilities of our AC/DC power converters

There are

  1. At very high altitudes (15 km and more). Planes, UAVs, atmospheric and surface monitoring equipment, etc. Vibrations, fast acceleration, low pressure, and temperature extremes are just some of the factors the equipment has to contend with here.
  2. At altitudes between 5-15 km. Almost all the factors mentioned above persist here as well. The equipment must be prepared for sharp acceleration, weather and temperature changes, have well-developed cooling system and be mechanically durable.
  3. At altitudes of up to 5 km. Sandy, dusty and moist conditions, solar radiation and more – though the extremes may be less harsh than at higher altitudes, they should nevertheless be underestimated.
  4. Land transport. From cars to trains, the equipment must be prepared to deal with sand, salt, dirt, dust, vibrations, acceleration and everything else one can expect in this industry.
  5. Telecommunication. Signal towers, communication centres and other similar objects – our AC-DC power supply modules can be used in all of these.
  6. In mining equipment. Mechanical vibrations and shock, high and low temperatures, dust, dirt and moisture – these are just some of the obstacles all equipment has to contend with in this industry.
  7. Supercomputers. While there are few environmental factors to contend with, there are other requirements on electrical equipment, most importantly high efficiency, compact dimensions and good cooling.
  8. Cold-resistant equipment. Many of our products are suited for operating in polar or mountain environments and can find their use in polar or weathers stations.
  9. Heat-resistant equipment. Hot desert, scorching sun and extremely high temperatures, not to mention dust and sand… our AC and DC power supplies keep working even in this unforgiving environment.
  10. Digital signs, advertising boards, displays, screens etc. require compact dimensions, low weight and profile, parallel operation and high efficiency. Which is exactly what you will find among our products.
  11. APAR (Active Phased Array Radar). AC DC power source with a low profile, good cooling, high efficiency and parallel operation capability – this is the absolute necessity for APAR devices.

Which of our AC-DC converter power supply units to choose for which situation?

  • The JETA-LP AC-DC electronics power supply is suitable for uses in the fields 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11.
  • The JETNA-LP series will find their uses in application fields 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11.
  • And finally, the TESAV products are applicable in all of the above mentioned fields!


Are you active in one of the application fields mentioned here and are looking for a reliable power supplies for your equipment? Provide us with your specifications and we’ll help you make the right choice!

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Whether it’s altitudes of 15 km and higher, polar environments or sun-baked deserts, these converters will continue to function thanks to their inventive thermal management. You’ll find out for yourselves. Just put them to work.

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An Isolated DC to DC Converter you can Rely on

In isolated DC to DC converters, the input and output are mutually separated. This results in reduced electrical noise, increased safety and wider configuration possibilities. Furthermore, any input voltage transients are not transmitted to the output.

If compared with basic linear converters, these devices can fulfil a variety of roles in a variety of industries and are capable of withstanding higher temperatures and a multitude of external factors. Suitable primarily for DC mains in battery-powered supply systems, they will find their use anywhere from airplanes to mining equipment to land transport.

Efficiency, multitude of functions, resistance against mechanical stress and high power density – all of these are to be found in our products. Give your project a voltage boost it needs with them!

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Let us Introduce our Isolated DC – DC Converter Modules

Fit for both narrow and input ranges, the TESND-series devices boast power density between 45 and 142 W/inch3. Their single channel variants can offer synchronous rectification up to 27 VDC, while the dual channel versions allow for many different output channel connections. While some are capable of up to 1200 W output power, the ideal loading coefficient should be somewhat lower for greater stability and longevity. Low profile TESNDS with reduced height are also available.

Suitable for narrow input ranges from 12 to 48 and 12W to 27W, these versatile converters are marked by their high efficiency, reaching 93%. Conductive cooling, great durability and a variety of functions, including the possibility of parallel current sharing make these modules highly sought-after.

An upgrade over the previous TESD, MDM and MR series, this converter has no optocoupler feedback, which makes it fit for working in environments with ionizing factors. These devices share the same pinout and footprint with the previous ones of the same series. As a result, they can be replaced pin to pin. Efficiency reaching 93%, synchronous rectification up to 27 VDC and galvanic isolation of outputs in the two channel TESDs. All providing plenty of reasons for why these should not escape your attention

Fir for battery-powered DC mains, these series’ conductive cooling, compact dimensions (including low profile variants) and reliability make them a hot article on the converter market. The JETDiB series if an offshoot of the JETDi, optimised in its characteristics and costs.

The TESAV series provide AC input, while the TESHV provide DC input. If we consider the second variant, it proves invaluable at low-voltage input ranges. You’re also bound to like their planar design, conductive and high durability, which makes these devices useful in a multitude of environments. Consider well whether you prefer the AC or DC variant – neither will disappoint.

Aeroplane equipment, drones, jets, radars, mining machinery, trains, cars and much more – there’s hardly any electricity-using industry where our products won’t shine! If you’re unsure about choosing the right one, contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

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