Durability, efficiency, safety and ability to function in some of the most adverse conditions – all of these attributes characterise our adjustable DC to DC converter, as well as all of our other products. We manufacture this device in multiple design variants and with many power level options to choose from. It can be put to use in almost any industrial field and in equipment that needs to function smoothly even in difficult weather and mechanical conditions.

Compact and with high power density, our converters take up very little space while offering unprecedented performance. They're bound to find their use in your project as well – give them a chance!

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Some of the Features of Our Adjustable DC DC Converter

  • These devices work with power levels spanning from 10 W all the way to 1200 W
  • Narrow input configuration in the ranges of 12, 24, 27 and 48
  • Wide input configuration in the ranges of 12W, 24W and 27W
  • Galvanic isolation between the input and output
  • Heatsink systems allow for improved thermal management even in equipment where external cooling is not possible
  • Resistance against both mechanical stress and temperature swings and changes.

Our converters can function in a whole range of industrial equipment working in harsh conditions. Frost, heat, moisture and mechanical stress – our devices are built to withstand it all. Order one and it won't disappoint.

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Acquaint Yourselves with Our DC –DC Converter Devices

Comes in both single and dual channel versions. Single-channel TESND provides synchronous rectification reaching up to 27 VDC while the dual channel variant enables separate output channel connection. Power density of TESND devices ranges from 45 to 142 W/inch3. The strongest among them have output power reaching 1200 W, though a slightly lower loading coefficient is preferred. If you wish so, you can order a low profile converter as well.

Very high power efficiency (up to 93%) together with power density between 49 and 106 W/inch3 make these converters an indispensable tool for battery-based DC mains. Thanks to stiffening ribs and constructive connection to the base, these devices boast an extremely high resistance against mechanical stress. Available in low profile design as well.

Due to this converter having no optocoupler feedback, it is a device suitable for environments where ionizing factors are at play. These converters can act as a direct, pin-to-pin substitution of our previous TESD, MDM and MR devices. They are available in both single and dual channel variants, and their efficiency reaches the 93% mark.

One of the smaller converters on our offer, these can nevertheless offer great power density given their size. The JETDi converters function best in environments with few mechanical factors such as vibrations and impacts. On the other hand, they have great thermal management and can operate without a heatsink. They come in an industrial BRICK formfactor without mounting holes, planar variants are also possible.

  • JETDiB is a variant of JETDi with optimised characteristics and costs.
  • TESH 50-1000 W with DC input

The TESH is a modified variant of an TESAV AC/DC converter, with an AC input and internal bridge rectifier removed. It is most suitable in low-voltage input range, and you're also bound to appreciate its planar design and a set of service functions which includes current sharing parallel operation. The dimensions of this converter are compact and planar.

If you're at a loss as to which converter to choose, please contact us. We'll gladly assist in selecting the best device for your project.

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