Deal with electromagnetic interference in your circuit with either our AC inline filter or a DC-suited noise protector. An indispensable tool in dealing with electrical noise, the devices produced at AEPS group are suited for a variety of industries and will withstand some of the most extreme conditions as well.

Consider using our power line filters. Clients from industries ranging from mining to aeroplane manufacturing can utilise these devices in their processes and be all the better for it.

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AC Inline Filters Optimised for Maximum Efficiency

Containing amorphous nanocrystalline cores to ensure a more efficient filtering and a better thermal efficiency, our JETAF series filters count among the best devices of their kind on the current market. Should you wish to provide a sufficient protection to your electrical equipment from unexpected surges and many other types of electrical noise, then look no further than these compact, durable tools.

These devices will fulfil their role under almost any circumstances, but it is when combined with out brand AC/DC power supplies that they truly get to shine.

Most of the devices in the JETAF category were created for use in single phase AC network, the only exception being the JETAF15-400 filter, which is meant to function in 3 phase AC networks.


Besides the Inline AC Filters, you will Find DC Suited Devices on our Offer as well

The JETDF series filters provide the DC counterpart to the JETAF series mentioned above. In terms of their durability and versatility, there is little difference between these devices and the AC ones. Similarly, they will reach their full potential in tandem with our own DC/DC converters, although their performance will not be lacking even when on their own.

Contact us and tell us more about what you’re looking for in a potential electrical noise filter! We’ll be glad to suggest the best device to suit your purpose!

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Why an A/C inline filter (or any other noise reducing filter)?

Simply put – because the law very often demands it. There is typically a set limit to the noise that an electrical device can emit. And, of course, it should be also capable of withstanding some noise as well. This is where an electric noise filter comes in. There are many types of electric interference, not all of which can be completely prevented. However, a good filter can dramatically reduce the danger your device faces from various EMI sources.

The demands that are put on the electrical devices in terms of their ability of dealing with unwanted noise are summed up in the term electromagnetic compatibility – EMC.

There are many EMC standards that can vary depending on the particular country and the particular industry. Our devices will be able to meet most of them, but if you’re in doubt, feel free to inquire more before making your purchase – we will gladly be of assistance.

Don’t fail to comply with the legal requirements on your electrical device by not introducing a filter into their circuit. Safe and in order – such are the devices with our added filters!

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