New service for experiments


We know, how hard it is, when just beginning the project, to choose an appropriate power supply!


Every day we conduct several consultations by phone or Skype, in which we analyze all the subtle aspects of the work of our unique products. In some cases, we accept the gratitude of buyers for clarification and for saving our clients from a big loss of time.

Indeed, unfortunately, the first payment for the product by the customer is the moment of the final choice and an irretrievable money investment. For maximum service and assistance to our customers, we present a list of products in stock, which contains the latest products, as well as serial-produced products from previous years.

The list allows us, after a detailed conversation with the buyer, to offer him one or two samples for testing in their system at a very low price.

When registering you as a client, we will open a project with your individual name and will accompany you observing the necessary confidentiality.

We look forward to your requests!

- General designer Alexander Goncharov