JETAs, 1-phase, non-PFC, 100 W — 800 W

JETAs series are power supply units with maximally simplified design, made for AC input range 230 (182-242 VAC, 1s deviation of 176-242 VAC) or for 115 (81-138 VAC, 1s deviation of 81-150 VAC) with mains frequency of 50-60 Hz (up to 400 Hz per request). Using DC input is possible in any polarity with range of 256-342 VDC for 230 input range and 113-195 VDC for 115 range. The units don’t provide PFC and additional service functions. JETAs800 however does provide full set of additional functions, incl. parallel operation. On request it may be modified for high output voltages, up to 400 VDC.

JETAs units present increased efficiency, are simple and optimal for systems without PFC requirement. Maximum operating case temperature range (on request) is up to -40…+85 °С.

Optimal for application fields 7 and 9.

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