The newest DC/DC converters TESND series are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and their parameters are comparable to the units parameters of such manufacturers as VPT, SinQor, Traco, Power-One, Aimtec, Mornsun, CUI, XPower, Interpoint, Recom, Gaia (incl. some models with opportunity of pin-to-pin replacement). The units have high power density from 27 to […]

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JETA-LP, AC/DC power supplies in ultra-low profile cases


The newest JETA-LP series AC/DC power supplies is ready for ordering. This units are available with output power from 100 W to 2 500 W in ultralow-profile cases (18-36 mm, depending on power) and have high power density. You can learn about the key advantages of low-profile AC/DC power supplies and the benefits they bring […]

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Let us introduce the new products JETNA-HF: Three-phase input AC/DC power supplies with input voltage range 115/200 – 220 (187-253 VAC, 3 ph., 400 Hz), designed for harsh environment with output power from 1 000 W to 5 000 W and case operating temperature range up to -60° to +100° C.

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JETDiR new product series


The newest JETDiR series is ready for ordering. These units provide output power from 15 W up to 600 W (with power density of 49-106 W/In³) and they are designed for DC input voltage ranges typical for decentralized power supply systems with use of batteries: 10.2-15 VDC, 10.2-30 VDC, 20-30 VDC, 20-60 VDC, 20-40 VDC, […]

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JETNA-LP new product series


Let our company present to you our next generation of three-phase input AC/DC power supplies series JETNA-LP, designed for harsh environment with output power from 1 000 W to 5 000 W. Modernizing the product series, we focused on the latest trends in power supplies design and the most modern components choice, thanks to which […]

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New AEPS-GROUP website


Dear partners and visitors of the AEPS-GROUP website!
We present You our new, modernized version of the website, which provides a new level of service and improved functionality.
Now, on our website, you can get familiar not only with the products of our company, but also with other opportunities in realization of your projects, get more detailed technical information, etc.
We hope that the website is more informative than before and will be of most benefit to You.
However this is just the beginning – we are actively working to further expand the functionality of the website.
We are looking forward to reading Your feedback and wishes!

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Upgraded series TESD/TESND


Dear colleagues!

We have upgraded DC/DC converters of the popular TESD series, which pin-to-pin replace other companies products well known in the Russian market.

We managed to significantly increase the efficiency of these modules (for some models up to 92%), while their price remained the same!

In addition, a new series of TESND modules with increased energy density has been developed and mastered, which, in comparison with TESD modules, will allow you to get the same output power in much smaller dimensions.

Contact us to order samples!

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Electronica 2018


Dear colleagues!

AEPS-group took part in Electronica 2018, the largest European exhibition of the electronic industry, which was held in Munich from November 13 to 16, 2018.

A number of presentations and negotiations were held with customers, as well as with current and potential distributors of our products in Europe and Russia, during which we proposed more favorable terms of cooperation according to the latest trends in cost optimization and shorter delivery times.

Also, new promising product lines were presented to visitors.

If you are also interested in our offer with new lower prices with a minimum delivery time, please contact us in the section Contact.

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New products


Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you can order the new products – AC/DC Power Supplies whit output power 5 000 W.
In addition, we start to produce the power supplies blocks (based on these modules) in a metal casing with an integrated cooling system that have a high-speed feedback function and an advanced control and diagnostics system via the RS422 protocol.

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Dear Colleagues!

Thank you for visiting of our booth at the exhibition Expo Electronica 2018 in Moscow. We appreciate your interest to our products and the positive feedback from you.

For those who were not able to visit the exhibition, we suggest to pay attention to our latest developments in section AC/DC, DC/DC, Power blocks and new LP units – ultralow profile AC/DC power supplies 2 500 W with profile 24 mm and 1 000 W (3 ph) with profile 16 mm.

Photo report is here.

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