What we offer

If you need powerful, low-profile AC/DC and DC/DC converters, able to operate in extremely wide temperature range – this site is for you.

The main aspect of our business - is the production of high-tech AC/DC and DC/DC Converters, generating heat flow to the base of the power supply case, and designed for the construction of those power systems, where you need reliability, easy maintenance and improved characteristics. JET series DC/DC converters are presented by modules with the power up to 600 W, whereas JET series AC/DC power supplies - by modules with the power up to 5000 W.

Competitive advantages of our products

AC/DC Power Supplies serie JETA

Power supplies with output power from 30W up to 5000W are performed upon specialized circuitry with a heat-conducting insulating compound, which allows their application in extreme operating conditions over a range of temperatures (from -50°C to +85°C), humidity (95%) and other external factors (dust, vibration).

The modules have a full range of security features in emergency situations (overheating, over-voltage at the output, overload and short circuit on the output).

All this allow you to develop power systems that require a combination of strict requirements in terms of weight and size parameters, and harsh conditions of exposure to external environmental and mechanical factors.

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DC/DC Converters serie JETD

DC/DC converters are designed in BRICK standard cases with reduced height profile, output power from 25 W up to 600 W and are capable of operating in severe operating conditions - at a temperature range -60°C... +125°C, humidity 95% , and other external environmental conditions (dust, vibration). Form factor allows application in constructions and projects focused on a wide range of DC/DC converters from leading manufacturers.

In our JETD DC/DC series we implemented new developments to improve efficiency and increase power density.

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For AC and DC networks, the filters are designed to protect analog and digital equipment from impulse emission in the network and reduce interference in the input and output circuits of power supplies.

Electromagnetic components based on amorphous nanocrystalline materials provide reliable noise filtering and its thermal stability. Perfectly matched to the parameters of JET converters.

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Aluminium Heat Sink

Increasing power in converters increase requirements for parameters and quality of cooling radiators. They are one of the key components, dealing with reliable functioning of the power supply and of the whole system itself.

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Power Supply Blocks

Power supply blocks for demanding projects – are complete stand-alone units with an in-built cooling system, specially designed for specific applications.

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EVA Series Demonstration devices

Allow you to perform testing of the main parameters of the system on the basis of JET series power supplies, and carry out actual test runs in real conditions.

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JETIS Series – are the new series of AC/DC and DC/DC converters, intended for use in sparkproof power systems for electrical facilities of explosion-hazardous industry for the following groups of electrical consumers.

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Low-profile LED lamp JETLED is designed to be used outdoors, foremost.

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Custom products

Should you have special requirements, which our standard products do not meet - we are keen on finding solutions for challenging projects!

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Tesla Electric is a manufacture of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters for harsh environment.

The company offers solutions in various fields of application and its products stand out due to a modern design of compact cases and wide temperature ranges.

Tesla Electric modules are ideal for projects that demand reliable and shocking resistant power supplies!

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