Demonstration devices EVA - JETA


EVA-JETA device is a demonstration complex of a set of JETA power supplies, synchronized in parallel, and it is designed to accomplish technology of powerful power systems creation on the basis of AC/DC power supplies, operating in parallel, with air cooling. Upon request, they can be produced with a fan cooling.

EVA-JETA possesses necessary cooling system, indication, control and warning devices. It allows you to carry out creation of a reserved power system 2+1 (with an ability to implement “hot” replacement of one of the modules), along with power increase system of a number of parallel-synched modules.

EVA-JETA demonstration complex is a completely finished product, which can be used not only for testing of parallel operation of modules, but also as a separate self-contained power system for your projects.

The device is also equipped with an over current, short circuit and thermal protection.

Demonstration devices EVA - JETD


Allow you to test basic parameters of supply system on the basis of JET series DC/DC converters, and to carry out actual test runs with consideration of such peculiarities, as load, input network, and ambient temperature.

With the help of EVA-JETD appliances you will be able to define additional elements, necessary for handling certain challenges.

EVA-JETD devices are equipped with necessary connectors for input and load, and contain check points for entry and output parameters measurement. These check points allow carrying out testing by means of standard methods.

Upon request, can be equipped with transition adapters for modules to organize random input control of various JETD modules.