Certification of our products

AEPS products are certified by EZU - European Testing and Certification Institute, which was founded in 1919. Headquarteres of EZU are located in Prague (Czech Republic).

History of the Institute: from the 80s of the 20th century, on the basis of EZU, they began conducting tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In the 90s, EZU entered the European system of certification and the European Association of Electrical (EEPCA). In 2000 EZU obtained ISO and certified testing laboratory. In 2008 it became a member of the European EZU Certification System (ECS).

Currently, EZU is a member of CCA-EMC and has the right to certify products according to European Conformity Mark. For more information about the EZU, please follow the link www.ezu.cz.

Quality management system

Alexander Electric s.r.o., holding of AEPS Company, is the owner of ISO 9001:2009, issued by TUV SUD. According to the audit report 06.731.654 , Alexander Electric s.r.o. holds a certificate of quality management system in all areas, including research and development divisions, marketing and sales.

Also, JETA1200 series are certified for MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461F by Vojenský Technický Ústav, s.p., the company is certified by Quality System acc. to CSN EN ISO 9001.