Competitive advantages of our products

Competitive advantages of our products

Alexander Y. Goncharov President and General Designer of AEPS group, ac/dc power supply, dc/dc converters, filters, goncharov electric jet

1. Planar ultra-thin design

Allows using space in the customer’s equipment with the maximum efficiency and reaching ever before unattainable results of power supplies’ compactability, which increases competitiveness of the final products.

2. Unique power density for AC/DC power supplies

Due to high power density (for JETA300 – 16 W/in³, for JETA2000 – 25 W/in³, for JETNA5000 – 43 W/in³) our power supplies can operate without fan cooling by means of conductive heat-dissipation. And due to planar design there are a lot of different variants to use our units in corresponding applications. That is especially important for application of power supplies in on-board equipment of vehicles, in telecommunication equipment and super computers, where appliance of fan cooling is exceptionally undesirable.

Fans attract dirt and dust, which often makes air cooling less.

3. Ability to use AC/DC and DC/DC JET modules in air-proof spaces

In closed systems, where heated air escape is complicated, ability of our modules to dissipate up to 93% of heat into environment through bedding (bottom of the module’s case) becomes quite a valuable asset, as it means dissipation of not more than 7 % of heat into customer’s equipment. Such unique ability to operate in air-proof spaces allows application of our products in equipment, designed for operation in explosion hazardous and other extremely dangerous spheres.

Besides, this distinctive feature allows implementation of cooling of power supply system with any liquid, for example, in the most efficient way.

4. Operation in extremely wide temperature range

AC/DC and DC/DC JET modules are able to function in the most harsh and robust conditions – in mining equipment, for high-altitude flights, in atomic power engineering, etc.

Impressive MTBF provides long and reliable operation at temperatures within ranges -50°С...+85°С (for AC/DC) and -60°С...+125°С (for DC/DC).

High maximum temperature allows not only applying these converters in the most harsh conditions, but also gives opportunity to minimize size and weight of the cooling system, which is especially important for mobile and avia applications, where minimum weight and dimensions make a crucial significance.

JET modules combine high reliability, wide temperature range and high power density. These qualities are important for powered equipment, placed in immediate proximity to our power supply.

MTBF, i.e. life expectancy of a module at increased case temperatures reaches 3 200 000 hours at +25°С.

5. High mechanical durability

Our modules are potted with special-purpose high-tech compound and can operate for quite long under such conditions as dust, high humidity and salt fog. Moreover, such polymer potting makes a module’s design mechanically sustainable and able to withstand load impact up to 1000 g, which outperforms results of the closest to our parameters world manufacturers’ results.

6. Priority on providing competitiveness of our customers’ equipment

We carefully evaluate requirements to the equipment, for which the power supply system is needed – in particular, design and heat dissipation parameters, EMC requirements, reliability performance, necessity for additional functions, etc. As a result, we offer an integrated system, in which manufacturer solves problems of energy efficiency, thermal conditions, EMC and others in full compliance with the customer’s requirements, accepting along with that all of his risks.

Power supply systems and separate power supplies possess full protection and service functions complex, in addition, and have exceptionally beneficial parallel operation function (operation of 6 and more power supply units at one load), which lets solving task of reliability of the whole block, besides power increase issue.

7. Exclusivity

If you need exclusive products, which are not presented in our vast selection, we are ready to help you. We are keen on being challenged!

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