ALEXANDER ELECTRIC LLC was founded in Prague, Czech republic, in 2006, as a group of design, experimental manufacturing and purchasing department for several Russian companies - OOO "Alexander Electric", OOO "Tesla Electric" and OOO "AEDON", whose founder was Alexander Goncharov.

In 2015 cooperation with mentioned Russian companies was ended. In that moment Alexander Electric LLC became an independent company, having joined Alexander Goncharov's Czech founded companies - AEPS group LLC and Goncharov Electric JET LLC
Today these three companies are presented together as Alexander Electric Power Supplies group (AEPS-GROUP).

AEPS-GROUP specialization today is development and small-quantity manufacturing of AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units and blocks. The products possess unique characteristics for operation in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

We are an European manufacturer of compact power supply units and blocks of new generation with ultra-low profile for industrial automation, computer engineering and telecommunication applications.

Our contract producers are based in Czech and Slovak republics. The producers are equipped with modern manufacturing capabilities allowing us to ensure highest quality and competitive technical parameters under tight deadlines.

Previous continuous company operation in recent years allowed Alexander Electric LLC to reach fundamentally new technical level of its development in 2018. Therefore, for Your perspective challenges and tasks, we are able to present latest generation products.

We are ready to work, in tight cooperation with You, to accomplish difficult and non-standard projects.
We are constantly in search of partners and investors for further advancement of our business.

With hope of cooperation and mutual progress,

founder of Alexander Electric LLC
Alexander Goncharov.

Alexander Goncharov President and General Designer of AEPS group, ac/dc power supply, dc/dc converters, filters, goncharov electric jet

Alexander Goncharov - President and General Designer of AEPS-group

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